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In Remembrance – Of Me

It’s Passover. The time of year where everyone ignores what Jesus said. What did Jesus say? This do in remembrance of me..”; paraphrased, He said, “Things are changing.”



“Why is there leavened bread on your Passover table?”

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Jehovah God is the King of Simplicity. There is nothing superfluous in His life. We, on the other hand, fill the calendar with holidays and pagan names. To God, it is First month, Second month, etc. “… It’s a matter of authority…”

The Father’s Business . . .


“. . . didn’t you know I would be about the Father’s business?”

The Father’s business is opening eyes blinded by hatred and sin, to heal the broken hearted, the life-trodden souls that are only chess pieces to the power brokers of the real world. The Father’s business is to justify, rectify and set in fair and proper order the heart of desperate man and to make him acceptable in the sight of God. . . We must find His way and get in it.

Questions of Jesus Television Series: From the production facility at Think Red Ink Ministries.