The Preacher

MINISTRY OBJECTIVE:  To reach people who are disappointed with God, church and religion; to present the unadulterated message of the “Word of God.” The chalkboard of our lives is filled with false ideas and notions which must be erased to make way for THE Teacher. We must let go of our answers, before we can hear the questions and instruction of the Word of God.

Man in Black“Jesus has come to teach His people Himself.”

“My Bible is ruining my religion!” was the surprising realization of Don Harris, a former pastor!  Don walked away from conventional religion more than 20 years ago.  Don discovered that traditional churches have shaky foundations based on excerpted scriptures, slogan theology and marketing theatrics.  The questions of Jesus, the Red Letters of the Bible, reveal a God we have not known.

Nearly every false doctrine and practice in today’s religions come from an erroneous perception of the “Word of God.”  And, when it comes to erasing the board, nobody does it like – THE ERASER.