The Author

Studio AThe books written by Don C Harris are directed to those who are unable to set aside reason and logic when considering a relationship with God.  Modern Christianity is full of advice pundits who say, “Be fed.  Be whole.  Be safe.”  Few instruct HOW to do what they advocate.  Don’s books do not leave readers wondering what to do next. However, it requires changes… LOTS of them!

Don discovered that Jesus continually redirects the expectation of the men He walks with… their expectation is often OPPOSITE to the ways of HIS doctrine.

Traditional Christians who are content with their religion will not be interested.  That’s okay.  They have many friends.  Don says, “Go on, enjoy life.”  But, those few who wrestle in silence and know in their gut that something is wrong…; those few, will be delighted to know there is an author and preacher who doesn’t have all the answers; but, who through years of personal struggle and discipline has sifted through and discarded much of modern Christianity’s ‘must-haves.’  

Those who find themselves disappointed with church, or even with God because of what they’ve been taught about Him in church, will find a new and refreshing point of view that may just lead them on their own personal quest to meet Him, on His terms.

Christianity of the Scriptures teaches we must aid one another in taking responsibility for relationships with our family, our community and our God.  We CAN be better.

Is there a price? …Not for the books or any ministry material produced and distributed by Think Red Ink Ministries International.  Any product is available for the asking by making a request through this online request form.   This ministry will not beg, hound or ask for money – It’s all about the red ink, “…freely ye have received, freely give.” 

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