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“Help! The Bible is ruining my religion.” A skeptic and former pastor desiring an honest, logical relationship to God takes you on his interesting and entertaining quest. He reveals a surprising solution “Think Red Ink”.

Don grew up in traditional, conventional Christianity, through the prosperity gospel glory days; he narrowly escaped the fate of many pastors.  He witnessed the secret boardroom strategies of promotion and damage-control, and the exaltation of leaders which was encouraged by leadership and laity.

Unwilling to embrace the dishonesty Don became disappointed with God.  The marketing schemes disgusted him.  “You think like a pauper, Harris,” was the accusation of a senior pastor.  Don quit, all the while, aching for change and a church that followed the dictates of the Scriptures.

The cost?  Everything.  Don lost his religion, his peers, his family and the work that fulfilled his life.  He walked away suspecting that God was not real.  What changed his mind? The hint of the Century, the Scriptures. The people Don encountered in the Scriptures were not like anyone he knew.  “Who were those people?”

Unshackled from orthodoxy and convention, Don lived 20+ years in a converted bus motor home looking for the church depicted in Scripture.  “It’s impossible … Who doesn’t pray out loud or take up public offerings like Jesus said?”

One day Don heard a question, “If what you believe is not true, do you want to know it?”  The question hung in the air.  So many traditions were untrustworthy, Don answered slowly, not rashly – “Yes.”

Yeah, Don lost his religion.  He doesn’t miss it – he says it like this, “Church, been there, done that … got the Teacher.”   Who’s The Teacher?

C’mon, Think Red Ink!